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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

This is the affiliate disclosure policy for BuildAndSucceed.com, also referred to as, “this blog.” Anyway, this blog uses affiliate programs as a way for us to make money by recommending products and services that we believe can help you. All this means is, we get to make money (sales commissions) when we refer you or any other visitor to this blog to a product or service using one of our affiliate links if it converts into a sale. Funny thing is, we teach other people how to do this very thing, too!

When you register and get approved for an affiliate program it means now you can get commissions for selling other people’s stuff using your special links referred to as “affiliate links.” These links are coded with your information so that you can get credit when your links convert into a sale. Anyway, throughout this blog, we often include our affiliate links when we refer to products that we like and recommend, which allows us to earn income on any sales you might make when clicking these links. Pretty cool, right?

If you’d like to learn how to do this very thing, how to earn real money by recommending products and services that you already might love and use with affiliate programs, then please continue to explore this blog. And be sure to sign up for our free affiliate marketing email training course. It’ll be super helpful for you on your journey to learning to become an online salesperson with integrity and success.

I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from our affiliate disclosure page. We love and use products such as WP Engine for WordPress hosting, AWeber for email marketing and automation, SamCart for sales pages and digital eCommerce, Teachable for online courses, ConvertKit for email marketing, and the list goes on. Those are just some of my favorite tools that I’ve been using for several years. Isn’t it great that I get to talk about these products and potentially make income because of that? That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing! And you may find you can do this too in almost any niche or industry. From fitness to music, to tiny houses and more.