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Ask Build And Succeed

Ask Build And Succeed

Ready to Ask Build And Succeed your question? Currently, we are accepting all questions related to affiliate marketing, blogging, vlogging, and podcasting. You can use the voice messaging system below to submit your question in voice and by doing so, all I ask is that you are giving me permission to feature you and your voice on one of the upcoming shows, and of course, in return, you’ll get your question answered to the best of my ability.

What’s also cool is if anybody else has a similar question they’ll get to benefit from it too. And, on top of that, it will probably save me loads of time in the future addressing your question in a public format rather than in a private email or DM. And now I’ll have a place to link people to answer the question that you have. But that’ll only happen if you submit your question below! And yes feel free to include your social media handle and whatever other plug you may have. Thanks for your question!

By the way, your question is currently limited to 90 seconds so please make it as brief as possible until we upgrade our SpeakPipe account. 🙂

Feeling shy and don’t want to ask a question with your voice? Send us a DM over on Instagram. 🙂