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Top Tiny House Affiliate Programs (2021)

If you’re in the tiny house industry in any way, well, here are the top affiliate programs associated with this niche so you can make additional income from your efforts online. These are also people that you can possibly collaborate with. Have you built a tiny house before? Do you live in one? Are you highly interested in them? Have you ever stayed in one? Well, with these affiliate programs, you can maybe become a salesperson/representative (aka, “affiliate”) for their products! So if you’re blogging, producing videos, or a podcast, this could be an extra way for you to monetize that content. Pretty cool, right? So anyway, here they are…

Affiliate Programs for the Tiny House Industry


  • Get paid to refer listings
  • Get paid to refer and promote stays
  • Thousands and thousands of places you can promote
  • And/or, show others how to make money with their real estate by listing on Airbnb
  • https://affiliate.withairbnb.com/


  • Thousands of products to promote
  • Loads of tiny house books
  • Many tiny house episodes from television
  • Some tiny house plans
  • Possibly even actual tiny homes, ready to ship
  • Around 5% commissions (subject to changes)
  • https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

DIY House Building

Donald A. Gardner

Home Away

Home Designer Software

Home Depot

Humble Homes

Jamaica Cottage Shop


PAD Tiny Houses

Pin Up Houses

Standard Homes

Texas Tiny Homes

Tiny Home Builders

Tiny House Magazine

Tiny House Plans

Tiny Revolution

The Tiny Life

The Tiny House

The Tiny Tack House

The Tiny Project

Truoba House Plans


Vinas Tiny House


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