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Using Pop-ups to Grow Your Blog

Lightboxes, also known as pop-ups or overlays, are a popular way to collect email subscribers on a blog. By using lightboxes, you can significantly increase the number of new subscribers you get on a daily basis. Here’s how they work:

Once someone visits your blog, your lightbox activates and offers them whatever it is you set up. Whether it be a free book download, audio download, digital course, video series, or just a free subscription to your newsletter.

Choose a lightbox plugin:

To use lightboxes on your blog, you will need to choose a lightbox plugin. There are many options to choose from, so be sure to research and compare features and pricing.

Set up the lightbox:

Once you have chosen a lightbox plugin, you will need to set it up on your blog. This typically involves configuring the appearance and behavior of the lightbox, as well as integrating it with your email marketing service.

Choose when and how the lightbox appears:

Lightboxes can be triggered to appear in a variety of ways, such as when a visitor scrolls a certain percentage down the page, when they click a button, or when they are about to leave the page. You can choose the trigger that works best for your blog and audience.

Test and optimize:

It’s important to test and optimize your lightbox to ensure that it is effective at collecting email subscribers. This may involve experimenting with different triggers, layouts, and calls to action.


By using lightboxes on your blog, you can multiply the number of new email subscribers you get on a daily basis. This can help to grow your email list and ultimately drive more traffic and revenue to your blog.

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