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Top High Ticket Affiliate Programs (2021)

High ticket affiliate programs mean that the products offered are expensive, and so as a marketer and affiliate, it also means you can make more money per sale than with non-high ticket programs. Some affiliate marketers make it a point to focus on these sales because they reason, it’s the same amount of energy it takes to work to sell low-priced items as it takes to promote high ticket items, so why not focus on the high ticket items?

The Mathematics of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

That makes a lot of sense mathematically, which is probably why some realtors focus on luxury markets, and maybe even why some car salespeople focus on luxury cars. You get higher commissions for the same amount of work! This all makes sense and is all good and dandy, so long as the product you are promoting offers and also exceeds the value expectation that customers are looking for. Otherwise, what’s the point? Be sure that you are promoting quality products that you also know, love, and enjoy. That being said, here are some popular and quality affiliate marketing programs that offer high ticket products. Since we focus on quality, most of the programs we show you here offer a range of different prices, from low to high, to be fair to all customers.

Residual Commissions Can Add Up To High Ticket Too

You see to me, it’s kind of a little bit of a red flag if a company only offers high ticket products. It’s almost like being forced to commit more than you are comfortable in a situation, it just doesn’t seem right. So most of the companies you’ll find below either offer a wide range of pricing and products, or it offers a recurring commission, which means you get to build an income promoting the product. How cool is that?

Many marketers may not consider residual commission products high-ticket, but I think every marketer should because every month that goes by is another sale. For example, I’ve sold AWeber accounts from over five years ago that I’m still getting monthly checks for (even a $15 per month commission adds up to $1000 in 5 years). Shouldn’t that be considered high-ticket too? I think so. I think residual commission sales are the fairest high-ticket products you can offer.

Monthly Commissions That Add Up!



  • Email marketing services
  • Marketing education
  • Software as a service
  • Recurring commissions
  • Low to high ticket products
  • https://clickfunnels.com/



High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Amazing Selling Machine


Entrepreneurs Institute

Legendary Marketer

MLSP (My Lead System Pro)


Six-Figure Mentor

Capitalist Exploits

RA Wealth Partners

  • Promote investments as an affiliate
  • Tools and tracking
  • 3% commissions on investments (sales could potentially be on up to millions of dollars)
  • https://rawealthpartners.com/

Villiers Jets

What other high ticket affiliate programs are out there that I might have missed here? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

I’m not affiliated with most of the companies listed here besides being a client of AWeber, SamCart, TubeBuddy, and ConverKit and a previous client of MyLeadSystemPro and ClickFunnels.

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