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Top Fitness Affiliate Programs (2021)

Are you a fitness geek? Obsessed with fitness, nutrition, workouts, and any other health hacks to help you increase your conditioning, cardiovascular health, reduce body fat, and increase muscle? Even more, do you enjoy talking about fitness, convincing others to get into it, and helping others who want to also increase their fitness? I don’t blame you because I know how good it feels after a workout, and how addictive the feeling can be. Especially after some extra deep sleep thanks to a hard workout.

Well, below is a list of what we believe to be are the top affiliate programs in the fitness niche for 2021 and beyond. What does this mean? Do you know what affiliate marketing is? It’s online salesmanship! You can sign up for affiliate programs and you can get paid to promote them. So you can make blogs about them, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and the like, all so that you can help inform and therefore maybe even sell some products. In other words, yes, this is how you can make money using the internet all from the comfort of your home (or wherever you might be).

The way it works is, you can register to sign up for an account for any of these affiliate programs, and then, once approved, you get a special link that you can use in your videos, blog posts, and even in a podcast to let people know about these products. And if they convert into a sale, you get paid! It’s really an awesome thing that I’m super excited to share with you. So if you’re already in the fitness world, maybe you are a trainer already, or a coach, well this could be one way for you to supplement your income all while offering to help others using the internet. I’ll show you how!

Fitness And Wellness Programs (Affiliate Opportunities)


Natalie Jill Fitness

Workout Anywhere

Nutritional Programs (Affiliate Opportunities)


Perfect Keto




Crazy Bulk

D-Bal Max

Elysium Health


Fitness Apparel Affiliate Programs


Lululemon Affiliate Program

Nike Affiliate Program

Under Armor Affiliate Program

World Gym

Fitness Equipment Affiliate Programs


Horizon Fitness

Life Fitness



Fitness Superstore



Wahoo Fitness

Fitness Certifications Affiliate Programs (Get Paid To Create Trainers!)

Ace Fitness Certification Referral Program


Affiliate Networks

For many popular affiliate programs out there, you will have to join an affiliate network platform. There are several of them, and if you’re into affiliate marketing, you’ll want to definitely open an account for each of these (eventually). At first, you really only need 1-3 good affiliate programs to zero in and focus on for a while until you find more to add to your repertoire.

Mom and Pop Affiliate Programs (Create Your Own Affiliate Program)

These are my favorite because they are the equivalent of a mom and pop brick and mortar business of affiliate marketing, an everyday person like you or me, who builds out their very own series of quality products and sets up an affiliate program for people like us to join and we get to earn commissions for promoting their products. The same concept as any other affiliate program, but these products tend to be more unique, more niche, and most of the time more fun for many reasons, including they tend to convert better. If you have your own products or the inclination to create them, you can use the following products and services to create your own affiliate program, therefore, creating new opportunities for other affiliates. Pretty awesome, right? In the article linked below, you will find 10 strategies you can use to start your own affiliate program plus 21 tools (pick your favorite) that you can use to manage your affiliates if that’s something you want to do to grow your business and attract an army of sales affiliates.

10 Strategies To Start And Grow Your Own Affiliate Program AND 21 Tools To Get You There So You Can Sell More Of Your Products And Services In 2020 And Beyond

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