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The Big 3: Blogs, Vlogs, And Podcasts

When it comes to constant content production you normally land on one or more of what I call the big three: blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. No matter who you are and what your mission is you can build an incredible presence and prepare your message for the world using a blog, YouTube channel, and/or a podcast. So let’s talk about the big three on the internet: blogs, vlogs, and podcasts.

Blogging, Vlogging, And Podcasting

It makes sense to take up blogging, vlogging, or podcasting when you have a message you want to share because building out a presence on the internet can allow you to attract an audience! So why not build a brand around you, your message, your personality, and whatever else it is that you have to offer to this world?


With blogging, you can just focus on writing. Sure, you can also add photography and even video and audio to accompany your blog posts, but you certainly don’t have to. With a blog, you can still create and curate a variety of types of content. You can tell all sorts of stories and you can share all kinds of expertise with a blog. And of course, you can always incorporate affiliate marketing with blogging too.


Vlogging or running your own YouTube channel is another great way to get started with building a presence and even a business on the internet. The term vlogging is normally used when referencing a style of videos that is almost like a video diary. But starting a YouTube channel allows you to do more than just video diaries! You can be as creative as you can imagine when making your own videos. Some people even do video podcasts. What should we call that for short, a vcast? I doubt I’m the first to call it that. But yeah, the next option is just podcasting.


With podcasting, you can sort of hide behind a mic and choose not to be on video. This definitely makes editing time a lot easier and simpler. And if you wanted to, you can still find a way to make a video using a bunch of b-roll or at least your podcast album cover, and put your podcast on YouTube eventually as well. There are many different styles of podcasts, one can even do a diary-style podcast where it’s kind of like you’re vlogging or blogging but in audio.

Getting Started With Blogging, Vlogging, Or Podcasting

You really have three ways to start your own brand using one of three platforms: blogging, vlogging, or podcasting. For me, I started with blogging because it was easier for me that way. I could hide behind a keyboard and my computer didn’t even have to be a powerful enough computer for editing videos.

My thought was, if I could manage to build a successful blog, it could give me enough time to develop my voice so I could sound better. The practice of writing, too, would help me before I ever got on a microphone. That, in turn, would help me look better if I ever wanted to build a YouTube channel and a podcast.

Doing All Three: Blogging, Vlogging, AND Podcasting

By doing long-form podcasts with video you can produce content for both a YouTube channel as well as a podcast and you can then break the content up into short clips with enticing headlines and thumbnails for more visibility and promotion. This can really help grow your show! And you can also blog about all of this, too. You can even use today’s technology to transcribe your entire show to make it easier to turn it into accompanying blog posts and shorter clips for your channel and social media platforms.

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