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Promote Your Blog with Email using ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a popular email marketing service that can help you manage your email subscribers, create automated follow-up series emails, lightbox pop-ups, and more. Here are a few ways that ConvertKit can help you with your blog:

Manage your email subscribers:

ConvertKit allows you to easily manage your email subscribers, including adding, deleting, and segmenting them based on various criteria. This makes it easy to send targeted and personalized emails to different segments of your list.

Create automated follow-up series emails:

With ConvertKit, you can create automated email campaigns that are triggered by certain actions, such as signing up for your email list or purchasing a product. This can help you to nurture your subscribers and keep them engaged with your content.

Use lightbox pop-ups:

ConvertKit includes a built-in lightbox pop-up feature that allows you to easily create and customize pop-ups on your blog. You can choose when and how the pop-up appears, as well as the design and content of the pop-up.

Offer opt-in incentives:

ConvertKit allows you to offer opt-in incentives, such as free ebooks, courses, or other content, in exchange for an email address. This can help you to grow your email list and attract new subscribers.

Send updates frequently:

Send email updates frequently letting your subscribers know when you’ve posted new content using the broadcast feature. You can also remind them about older content that they might find interesting.

Integrates with WordPress:

ConvertKit pairs well with WordPress, as they offer a plugin that allows you to easily create pop-ups, sign-up boxes, and control where they appear on your WordPress site. With the ConvertKit WordPress plugin, you can easily create and customize forms that integrate with your ConvertKit account.

Customize where your sign-up forms appear:

One of the benefits of using ConvertKit with WordPress is the ability to have different web forms show up for posts in different categories. This allows you to create targeted opt-in offers that are more likely to convert for specific types of content. For example, if you have a food blog, you could create a form offering a free recipe ebook for posts in the “desserts” category, and a form offering a free meal planning guide for posts in the “healthy eating” category.

In addition to creating and customizing forms, the ConvertKit WordPress plugin also allows you to control where the forms appear on your site. You can choose to display the form on all pages, only certain pages or posts, or only on certain categories or tags. This helps you to create a customized and targeted opt-in experience for your readers.

Overall, the ConvertKit WordPress plugin is a useful tool for bloggers looking to grow their email list and engage with their readers. It offers a range of features that make it easy to create and customize forms, as well as control where they appear on your site.


By using ConvertKit, you can easily manage your email subscribers, create automated follow-up series emails, and use lightbox pop-ups to grow your email list and engage with your readers. Alternatively, you can use other email management suites that do the same or similar. I’ve used AWeber and MailChimp before, and liked them both too, but found that ConvertKit is probably the best choice.


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