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Long-Form Content Versus Short-Form Content

When it comes down to it there are really just two types of content on the internet: long-form content and short-form content. Some of it is scripted, some of it is improvised, and some of it is hybrid. How you do it may not really matter as much as how it ends up on the other side of the screen. Within your screen are some clues left behind by some of the most popular creators online.

Without desirable and easy-to-consume content, it’s going to be pretty challenging to make easy money with the internet. But if you find a way to create and promote great content, it’s going to be super-easy to make easy money for you on the internet. If you want to do well with affiliate programs and make a lot of advertising revenue, you have to become a great content producer.

To expand, there are lots of ways you can produce content on the internet today:

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Vlogging
  • Livestreaming
  • Membership sites
  • Social media
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Reactions
  • Gaming
  • Reviews
  • Unboxings
  • Skits and plays
  • Comedy
  • Lectures and rants
  • Teaching
  • Long-Form Conversations
  • Books
  • Emails
  • Guides

There are 20 different ways, right there alone, that you can get started with content creation today. That seems a bit daunting though, right? Maybe there’s a simpler way of looking at all of it. Let’s simplify it.

Maybe we can say that there are really just three media to choose from…

  1. Text
  2. Audio
  3. Video

Beyond that, we can get more specific, and we can probably come up with dozens more, like I did above, right? So then the question really becomes, which content systems are you going to use? Or maybe I can say it better by asking, which types of content are you going to start with?

Because eventually, you will probably get to most of them. If not yourself, with the help of a team! Right? Absolutely! That’s the goal. Because basically, you’re just getting your very same message, or series of messages and future messages, onto all of these different platforms, one at a time. That’s it! That’s all you can do, right? One day at-a-time, one task at-a-time.

So here’s an example of a good way for a beginner to all of this to start. And you can, of course, rearrange and pick anything you like, and start any way you like, with any combination of things you feel comfortable with. That’s the beauty of humanity, we’re all different, in different stages, and with different preferences. You might be best with the keyboard, on video, or behind a mic. Start with your strongest, or, just start with whatever medium is attracting you most.

Anyway, here’s a good way to start…

  • Start a free YouTube Channel
  • Add A Membership Site Through Patreon With Bonus Content
  • And Start Your Own Email List, Too

These three things will give you a platform to share your content (YouTube), a place to get paid for premium content (Patreon), and a place to start building your own loyal fanbase (your email list). This is a super way to get started building a side-hustle online.

But let’s get back to content systems and let’s simplify content creation, even more. We need to!

Today content has evolved. We’ve learned that there is such a thing as long-form content and short-form content. Think Joe Rogan Experience and his JRE Clips Channel on YouTube during the 2010s. They would take a long-form podcast of 1-hour, 2-hour, sometimes even 3-hours or more, and then produce it. But they wouldn’t stop there, would they? Of course not, why would they? They learned that there’s gold in creating short clips from the long-form content. And it turns out, this was a very successful idea, and many others would do the same.

Whether you are producing entertainment, comedy, education, news, or the weather, you can use clips and long-form content strategies to quadruple the value of your content and therefore your business. The idea is to produce long-form content and then spend the rest of your working life turning it into short-form content because this adds more value to people’s lives since it saves them time and is super-specific. Oftentimes, just one of the clips will get more views the entire original long-form video. Do you realize what this means?

Long-form content creators out there who have yet to dissect their work into short clips haven’t quadrupled the effect of their work to the world (and they and their partner’s bank accounts). I’m just speaking the truth here! It takes work to do this correctly, and the pioneers and masters of this world are doing it right before our eyes, and paving the way for us to do it, too!

Blog posts, articles, guides, resources

Things like this can be combined and turned into long-form content like videos, live stream shows, large resource posts, YouTube episodes, video clips, audio clips, segments, social media posts, and the like.

Long-form content

You can take a theme and run with it if it’s good enough to create long-form content like a podcast episode, a video episode, an extensive blog post, a webinar, live stream, or anything of that nature. You can even turn it into a long blog post that ends up being a centerpiece to your blog, one that gets re-shared frequently, and even shows up at the top of search results.

Short-form content

Short-form content can be created as short-form content, or it can be taken from your long-form content and re-packaged into smaller, easier-to-digest pieces of content for your readers. This can help you attract way more traffic, and therefore, grow your business exponentially over the years. This strategy is huge, and many large businesses use it today. We’ve seen this blow up for Joe Rogan and many others who are now openly using the strategy.

Social media content

The same way you create your short-form content, you re-share it and/or re-create it for any of the social media platforms that you’d like to be involved in like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the like.

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