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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (2021)

With so many people trying to become successful with affiliate marketing, I wanted to share with you my own thoughts and reflections on my lifelong study of this topic. You see, I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since around 1997 when I made my very first web pages and figured out that affiliate marketing was one of the ways to monetize this hobby of mine. This in turn helped me upgrade to things such as paid web hosting, new domain names, paid newsletter services, and other interesting tools.

I was blogging literally right before this activity was coined blogging. At this point, it was just considered making web pages, writing HTML, or being a webmaster. My point is, I’ve been involved with and trying to figure out affiliate marketing for over two decades and I’m still not even that good at it. But let me tell you how people normally become successful at it and how maybe, just maybe, you and I can do it, too.

Here’s What Successful Affiliate Marketers Do

One of the ways affiliate marketers these days are succeeding is by becoming popular on social media. They’re building influence in places like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Twitter. People are also doing it by building out popular blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts. So anyone that manages to build an audience, small or large, will usually become relatively successful, with ease, at affiliate marketing whether they originally meant to or not.

So the way to really becoming successful at affiliate marketing and sales is simply to become good at building an audience which requires skills like building value through content, being good at writing enticing headlines, editing videos, podcasts, blog posts, and things of that nature. Being positive, having good vibes, and showing enthusiasm in your content always helps. Creating catchy YouTube thumbnails, doing some keyword research, all of these things are important and successful people do these sorts of things day in and day out, little by little, year by year, decade by decade. It’s a sure path to success, but very few put in the right amount of focused effort.

It’s easier if you love it. It’s a little bit easier if you would do it even if you didn’t get paid for it at all. Just because it’s incredible that you can build something and it can live and breathe on the Internet allowing you to connect with others and it gives you an opportunity to have a positive impact while also earning an incredible living.

There Are Also Affiliate Marketers Who Just Buy Ads

Sure, there are also people out there who are successful affiliate marketers who are simply ‘click flippers’ of sorts. They use paid advertising to push offers and they hope to generate a profit doing so. They’re usually not podcasting, YouTubing, or even blogging, they’re just marketing different offers using whatever ads they can buy. This isn’t what we do or teach here. This route would be too costly and risky for me. The way we do it is mostly free. You don’t have to pay for any ads. Although I have nothing against people who buy and run ads, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t right ways of doing it and wrong ways of doing it, it’s just not something I really know much about. Instead, I’ve chosen to go the free route of attracting traffic and building an audience. And I figure you would probably be more interested in this route anyway. So here we go…

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer The Organic Way

You, too, can become a successful affiliate marketer if you want to bad enough. All you have to do to start is decide which one of these three mediums most appeals to you?

  1. Blogging
  2. Podcasting
  3. YouTubing

Pick one, and start there. Figure out how to start your own blog, podcast, or YouTube channel and every week find ways to improve, to get better, and challenge yourself to create and share better content so you can build an audience around you and your knowledge or passion. If you do that, it’ll be pretty natural to get excited about it and easy to get work done for it all of the time. The important thing is that you jump on the path towards becoming a creator in one of these three mediums (blogging, podcasting, or making videos).

Next: Choose a Prominent Social Media Platform

From there, you’ll want to pair it with your choice of social media to focus on between Instagram, Facebook (including Groups), Twitter, and/or TikTok. Do as little, or as much as you can remain consistent doing.

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Again, don’t worry about being everywhere and doing everything at first. Just get good and build confidence in one medium. But hey, if you can figure out how to YouTube and recycle that into a podcast as well as a blog post, more power to you. That’s where we’re all trying to get to eventually.

What’s important to know though is that you can do really well and it will probably be easier if you focus on one platform that appeals best to you along with one or two social media platforms so that it’s not overwhelming and you can keep your daily workflow as simple and straightforward as possible.

Take Action: Start Your Own Blog, Podcast, Or YouTube Channel

If you already have your own active place on the Internet, find some way to make it a little bit better. Spruce up some of your old content, add some new content, and be sure you’re doing your best to build an audience!

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