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5 Ways To Incorporate Affiliate Marketing With Your Blog

One of the best ways to incorporate affiliate marketing with your blog is to combine valuable information and story-telling with the right product recommendations using your affiliate links. Have you ever looked something up and then found a helpful product recommendation that you found yourself wanting to buy? Or have you looked up product reviews with the intention to buy, just so you can try to make the best decision possible? These are all reasons why you might want to be incorporating affiliate marketing with your content.

Blog Post Ideas That Can Incorporate Affiliate Marketing

1. List-based Blog Posts

For example, you can create a blog post about the top 5 helpful books related to a particular subject. The more specific of a problem these books can help solve, the more likely your content is perceived as valuable and helpful.

With so many different topics to blog about and so many various affiliate programs to talk about, the opportunities are endless.

2. Blogging About Your Experience Having Done Something

You can blog about a hotel, a popular Airbnb stay you experienced, your favorite camping products, you can share your tips, likely sharing stories that have already happened to you along with talking about products that you’ve already been using, and you can make money and build assets for yourself by combining affiliate marketing with your blog.

3. Reviewing Products and Services

Your blog might be about a review of a product, lists of products related to your niche, or it might just be about something completely different right? Yes! Because most of the time you can find a way to incorporate an affiliate link within almost any blog post. And even if it’s completely unrelated, you can announce it in the way that many YouTubers do, you can say something like this, “and this blog post is sponsored by Manscape, the number one way for men to stay groomed…” or whatever.

4. Making Your Affiliate Link Look Like A Sponsor

What I’m saying is, you can just be blunt about it if you want and just say hey, this is our sponsor for this blog post, and here’s what they’re offering in case you’re interested and want to help support our blog. But most of the time, it can make total sense to incorporate an affiliate link into your blog post.

5. Showing Off Something You Built Or Remodeled

If you’re showing off how you built something, remodeled something, if it’s anything that others might be interested in also doing, there’s more than likely a good opportunity for affiliate links. While you explain how you did various parts of the remodel or build you can incorporate related affiliate links to products that you used to get the job done. This can earn you extra money over the long haul while also showing people exactly how you did something and what you used for it. Pretty cool, right?

Even Gamers Can Become Affiliate Marketers!

Even if you are a gamer, you can become involved in affiliate marketing. In fact, I’ve compiled a list of the top gaming affiliate programs that I’m aware of. Any gamer can get into streaming and learn more and more about how to incorporate affiliate opportunities and earn more money by doing what they already do and love – gaming!

One thing we always teach here at Build And Succeed is that affiliate marketing is really just online salesmanship! It’s being a salesperson with the power of technology on your side, as I like to say. Be sure to join our FREE Build And Succeed Newsletter for more life-changing tips like this! 

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